EuroMasterGI Student Qualification

First of all, this 'EuroMaster' is not a degree in its own right, but requires graduating from a participating university. Therefore, you need to find out which university can provide an access pathway: see 'Consortium'. As a next step you will probably want to discuss your specific plans with the contact person listed there.

Your qualification will be designated as conforming to the "European Masters in GIScience" specifications if the following requirements are met:
  • You have completed a postgraduate GIS programme with a minimum of 90 ECTS credits.
  • Compulsory curriculum topics are covered: see 'Curriculum'.
  • A minimum of 12 ECTS course credits have been obtained in a foreign language (other than the main language of instruction at your institution, or different from the national language of the institution's location).
  • The Master's thesis is written in English language.
  • A "EuroGIS" learning module with a minimum of 6 ECTS has been successfully completed.
  • An international learning experience (e.g. summer school) with a minimum of 2 ECTS has been successfully completed (residential face2face courses only; eLearning / telelearning do not qualify).

For some of the above requirements the board has agreed to grant exceptions if students submit well argued applications through their institution. Exceptions require that the general EMGISc objectives are met.