EuroMasterGI consortium

The EuroMasterGI consortium originated from participation in the EMGISc Erasmus CDA project carried out 1999-2001. Now the consortium is open to membership by academic institutions offering qualifications consistent with the EuroMasterGI specifications as well as to sponsoring and associate members. The Academic Board decides on all consortium membership matters.

Member Institutions

Academic Board

  • Bela Markus (The University of West Hungary, Depart. of Geoinformation Technology)
  • Compte Irene (University of Girona, SIGTE)
  • Painho Marco (Universidade Nova de Lisboa )
  • Roosaare Jüri (University of Tartu)
  • Scholten Henk (Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam)
  • Strobl Josef (University of Salzburg, Centre for Geoinformatics) - Chair
  • Jacek Kozak (Jagiellonian University, Institute of Geography and Spatial Management)
  • Zidek Vladimir (Mendel University of Agriculture, Department of Geoinformation Technologies)

Board Tasks

  • The Academic Board is expected to provide leadership, management and further development of the EuroMasterGI qualification. Specifically the board has taken on the following tasks:
  • Accreditation of courses
  • Quality assurance of accredited courses and learning units
  • Continued development of rules
  • Curriculum maintenance
  • Admission of new members
  • Coordination of public relations activities
  • Relationships with other institutions
  • Changes to board membership